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Non-Microbial Endodontic Disease

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Date: 08/03/2011 07:58
Non-Microbial Endodontic Disease
8. Non-Microbial Endodontic Disease - P.N.R. NAIR


"In microscopy, as in nature, one recognizes only what one already knows."1

Apical periodontitis is an inflammatory disorder of periradicular tissues caused by irritants of endodontic origin, mostly of persistent microbes living in the root canal system of the affected tooth.2,3 It is primarily a disease of infection. But unlike classical infectious diseases of single, specific etiologic agents, apical periodontitis is caused by a consortium of microbial species living in the root canal in an ecologically balanced community form of living4 referred to as biofilms.5 The microbial etiology of the disease has been discussed in Chapter 7, "Microbiology of Endodontic Disease." The purpose of this chapter is to provide a comprehensive overview of the nonmicrobial aspects of the disease, which are generally associated with asymptomatic persistent periapical radiolucencies, also referred to as endodontic failures.

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